Tolkien Cheated Me


Okay, what the heck?  I have followed Bilbo through this entire epic journey and he didn’t even slay the dragon.  I somehow feel cheated by this fact.  While I adore the Bard character, Bilbo the dragon slayer just feels like the right thing.  Poor Bilbo, he was slighted by Tolkien!



  1. Slaying the dragon wasn’t his task to complete. It is amazing how far he came and far he had grown toward the end, in a way I suppose he did slay a dragon of sorts. He began his journey full of fear and doubt and despite that he overcame those odds to emerge a completely different person for the better and all of Middle Earth owe Bilbo a debt of gratitude to this fact.

    • Please don’t think I am downplaying how far Bilbo came. I, of all people, truly appreciate the beauty of Tolkien’s creation.

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