And Our Prisoners Think They Can Complain



I hardly ever get political on here or even in real life.  I don’t understand politics enough to even pretend to speak about it and I don’t really care to learn it, to be honest with you.  It just has nothing worth remembering, as far as I am concerned.  However, the one thing that does irk me to no end is how well our prisoners have it.  Let me just clarify exactly what I mean.  A man or woman kills someone, we’ll say a child just to really bring the point home, and what do they get?  A bed to sleep in, an education, work, gyms, three meals a day, and no bills to pay.  They get all of this at the taxpayers expense.  So I am out here working my tail off to pay what little bills I have, I never so much as speed, and I have to pay the bill for those that can’t follow a law to save their souls!  Something about this seems very wrong.  Adding insult to injury is the fact that often times they release the most dangerous criminals back into society, keeping the drug offenders (whose only crime is hurting themselves) behind bars.  Something is wrong here.  Then these same people, who my tax dollars support, have the audacity to complain about their living conditions.  Follow the dang laws and you wouldn’t have to worry about it!

So when I read the first couple of chapters of Great Expectations I had to look up the hulks.  I had to research what exactly they were like, just to find out what this man is running from.  Here’s what I found out, our prisoners have NOTHING to complain about.  They have not a single leg to stand on when it comes to how they are treated.  Here’s what prisoners in the Victorian era faced.  Old sailing ships who were barely staying afloat, outbreaks of disease were rampant, unsanitary conditions, drinking and bathing in polluted waters from the Thames, chained to the bed at night, and hard labor during the day.  Guess what?  No one cared what their living conditions were.  So, see, our prisoners are really treated like royalty compared to what some of them even deserve.

Hulks were actually decommissioned sailing vessels that were typically in South Coast harbors or along the Thames.  They were originally for holding people waiting transportation.  Most of those that were transported as prisoners were sent to Australia.  The reason why hulks were needed was because after the French Wars the crime rate steadily increased.  There simply was no more room on land for more prisoners.  At the height of the hulks, two thirds of Britain’s prisoners were on hulks.  They were deplorable places and most prisoners died of infectious disease.  Cholera was especially nasty aboard these.  The last hulk was burned in 1857 and reforms were made to the prison system.


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