Andrew Davidson Creates Adult Harry Potter Covers


Maybe I am the only one but I have honestly never cared one bit if people saw me reading Harry Potter. I held up my “kid” versions with pride and read on. However, I know there are adults that feel quite differently about this. Andrew Davidson recently released some beautifully detailed hand engraved illustrations. These are to be featured on the adult editions of the Harry Potter books. Webb and Webb are designing the covers, which will be released sometime around September.

The finished project will look something like this.

The finished project will look something like this.

These illustrations were created using an antiquated method. Each wood engraving was hand crafted and made on seven-inch English boxwood onto Japanese paper. It created the “perfect effect” according to the artist. Davidson had a distinct vision for his art. “I wanted them to look as if they ahd come straight from the pages of a book taken from the library at Hogwarts.”

The project took a little over two and half months to complete and each of the illustrations features a key scene from the book. The earlier books feature lighthearted designs of the Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The later books feature much more darker images, as the books progress towards the darker days of Voldemort’s return.


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