Guilt Will Eat Away At Your Sanity


“Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot.” – Batman


The torture of the guilty soul is immense.  We can see this with Pip.  That poor child put himself through more trouble than anyone else would have but I have to admit it is absolutely spot on.  That torturous feeling that everyone knows your deep dark secret.  Everyone is going to be made aware of what you have done.  It’s horrible.

When I was a teenager I had purchased some cigarettes with my friends.  For days I had them up in my closet and it was torturous.  It was all I could think of.  My parents were going to find them in there.  It was horrible.  I would go to school and all these elaborate things would come into my head of how my mom would find them.  I would go to bed and I swear they were attempting to get out of the closet.  It was like they were chanting at me “I am here, I am here.”  It drove me insane.  So one night I took them out of the closet and walked downstairs and told on myself.  Yep, the guilt made me tell on myself.  The cool part was my dad was very understanding.  He made it clear that he was not happy about me having them but that he was proud of me for telling him.

Would the situation be different for Pip if he told his family the truth?  Who knows.  I don’t think his sister would be so kind to him.  However, I adore Joe.  I really do.  He truthfully cares deeply for Pip and they are a team.  I enjoy that.  Pip deserves to be loved.  He should have that one person he can rely on and I’m glad he has Joe.

Challenge Chapters 5 & 6

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