Jimmy Hoffa Disappears


Jimmy Hoffa enters into the realm of the mysterious today. The Teamster Union president was reported missing in Detroit, Michigan. He was last seen alive outside the Machus Red Fox restaurant the previous afternoon.
By the time of disappearance, it could be said that he had a long and murky career. In the 50’s and 60’s, he became the main focus of government investigations into corruption. He faced misdemeanor charges in Tennessee. However, he managed to get a mistrial but was convicted two year later for obstruction of justic because he tampered with the jury. He received an eight year sentence.
In Chicago, he was tried for fraud in handling Teamster pension funds, convicted, and sentenced to five years in prison. That sentence was commuted by President Richard Nixon. Despite this long criminal rap sheet, he remained a key figure in the Teamsters until his disappearance.
There are have been many many theories about what happened to Hoffa. There are rumors that he is buried beneath the football field at the Meadowlands complex. One man came forward saying he murdered him and dumped his body in the Au Sable River. One fact does remain, the authorities have never been able to confirm what happened to him and he was declared legally dead in 1982. He is now part of the mythology and mystery of America, it’s probably the single biggest game of Where’s Waldo in the world!


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