Pay No Attention To That Woman Behind The Veil

This poor child, look at that face!

This poor child, look at that face!

Okay, I am glad I finally found a reason to share this phenomenon.  I adore quirky history and one of the oddest is the veiled mothers.  During the early years of photography, around the Victorian era, parents wanted images of their children.  Now, this was due in major part because of the mortality rate of children.  A woman could have up to ten pregnancies and maybe have five living children make it past five years of age.  It was an astronomical amount of death of children.  Anyways, so these well to do families would have photographers come to their homes to take images of their children.  This led to a unique occurrence, the veiled mothers.  They would position themselves behind any piece of fabric and then hold their children for the photographer.  This led to the now highly creepy images here but also, I suspect, the endless amount of descriptions of cloaked figures of terror!

I hope you enjoy the rest:

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  1. Whoa! Weird=D

  2. Terrifying.

    • Absolutely. It’s no wonder these kids didn’t have more need for therapy.

      • I might need it from just looking at the pictures!

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