A Child’s Misconceptions



When we are younger we can often have some major misconceptions about the world around us.  We can see this in pip throughout the first five chapters and I suspect we’ll continue to see it with him.  There are a lot of phrases and things that are said by adults that must be confusing to children.  I know that there are several misconceptions I had as a little one.

I once heard my grandmother talking about how turtles look like little old people.  Now, to my young brain this made perfect sense.  And so for the longest time I went through life believing that once we got to a certain age we turned into a turtle.  I was very little but if you look, they really do look like old people.  I always wanted to turn into those big huge turtles that get to swim in the ocean, to me that would have just been ideal!

My mother, when she was a little girl, used to go out to visit her grandparents on their farm.  Now every week they would go by the sheep farm and there would be those giant round bales of hay.  The next week they would come back and the hay would be gone but there would be sheep.  For the longest time, my mother was under the assumption that the farmers would roll the sheep up in the hay and then they would eat their way out of them.  If you think about it, what other assumption was she to make?  The hay would be there and no sheep would be and when the hay was gone the sheep would be there.  You can see the confusion!

Challenge Chapters: 8 & 9


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