A Convict Does a Good Deed



I adore how the prisoner took the blame for the theft.  It showed that even hardened criminals have a soul.  I once worked at a facility for teenagers.  It served as not only a treatment facility for a number of mental disorders but also as the last resort for some of the kids before they went to jail.  What I found was that a lot of these kids were just amazing kids who lost their way.  There was one, in particular, who I had been warned was a runner and he was awful.  They would tell me horror stories about what he did to other people and to the other kids.  He was dangerous and this was his last stop before he was put away in jail until he was 25 (the kid was 13).  I decided that there was no way a child was going to scare me.  I went in with a firm but fair hand, within a couple of days he was the most well behaved child in the ward.  He was a perfect angel for me, he even made me a lovely birthday card.  Do you know why?  I understood the hierarchy of the ward.  He was attempting to assert his dominance and when an adult came in trying to act all tough it made him look weak.  I didn’t take away his strength, I used it.  That was the big difference.  Years later I saw him walking the mall and he ran, literally ran, over to me and put me in a bear hug.  He told me that when he has a decision to make between the right choice and the wrong choice he always hears my voice.  I would tell him over and over again, “You’re not a bad kid.  You’re bad at making good decisions.  If your brain is telling you one thing, do the opposite.”  He used to laugh so hard at that.  

These are still human beings and while I don’t think they deserve all the perks they get, I think there is still some there that just lost their way.  They are generally good guys who got caught in a bad situation.  You can tell that even in prisons there is still heart.  There are certain crimes they will not tolerate and they are crimes I won’t tolerate either.  Child molesters apparently have it very rough in prison and they should.  They should suffer most days and I’m fine with that.  Even the hardened hearts of the worst criminals will not stand for a child to be harmed.  That shows a kindness that lives within them somewhere.

Either way I adored the scene and I think that there is more to this prisoner than what we’ve been shown.   


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