Newlyweds Recreate Their Childhood Picture for Wedding


When you know someone since you were three, chances are you are nothing more than friends. I mean it’s hard to be romantic with someone you’ve known so long. That is, lucky for us, not the case with Jake Kantrowitz and Sarah Truitt.
These young newlyweds have pictures to prove that they’ve been together a long time and the results are absolutely adorable!
Both are now 26 and they decided to embrace their long bond by putting an image of them as children on a carousel horse for their Save the Date invitations.
When it came time to take wedding photos, they decided to recreate this special scene. The result is one “awe” kind of moment. The images were placed on Reddit by best man Levi Albert. They have already garnered 41,000 “upvotes” and is swiftly becoming a trending topic all over the web.
My own parents knew each other in fifth grade.  Now, granted my mother couldn’t stand my father but he did tell her then that he would marry her.  He bought her a charm bracelet for Valentine’s Day that year, my mother making him feel bad about it.  Then when they were eighteen they went on a date, got married seven months later (my mother wearing that charm bracelet), and thirty-five-years later they are still married.  Two children and three grandchildren together.

I just want to thank Mr. Albert for posting these up online, it has warmed my heart this morning.



  1. I need this today. 🙂 So lovely & inspirational.

    • I was having one of those kinds of days too. I’m glad you found it joyful.

  2. embraceyourpurpose

    A charming story, and I wish them all the best for their marriage relationship.

    • Yes, I find it lovely too. What a great thing to marry your best friend.

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