Young Love’s First Blossoming


Satis House is the scene of Pip’s first crush.  You can see it happening and the agony of young love.  It must have been an emotion that Dickens knew all too well, because he describes it perfectly.  That feeling of not being good enough.  Pip and Estella, there is something more to come and I hope it is pleasant.

In these chapters we begin to see the stirrings of first love.  Oh, the sweet agony of a young crush.  I remember mine very fondly.  That feeling of not knowing how to act or be around that person.  Wanting very badly to tell them but at the same time not wanting to scare them off.  So you sit in your agony and just wallow in the feeling of it until your fingers get all pruney.   My son is nearly thirteen and while I am sure he has had his first crush, he has never told me.  I worry, like most parents, about his first heart ache.  The pain is so real you’d swear it was going to consume you.  For Pip, I think the road ahead may be very rocky indeed.  I hope, for his sake, that he ends up with the coveted prize of Estella!
Chapter Challenges 10 & 11

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