Feeling Nostalgic – Top 5 Family Shows I Miss


If you are of my generation (the 90’s) the one thing you fondly remember is sitting around on a Friday night and all watching T.G.I.F.  Let’s face it the shows were not the best acting but they were safe and something the whole family enjoyed.  I miss television like that.  The kind that everyone sits down for, the kind that brings the family together, and at the same time doesn’t require much more thought than a good giggle.  All the problems were solved in 30 minutes and it was all going to be okay.  You felt good when you were done watching it and that’s what it should be.  You should feel good when you watch television.  I’m so sick of the Honey Boo Boos and Kardashians, Bridezillas and Survivors.  I don’t care who the biggest loser is and I really could care the less about American Idol.  Yes, we’ve abandoned the joy of being entertained and have turned our minds off to the simple joy of laughter.  So here are the top 5 shows I can still turn on when I’m feeling nostalgic.  I don’t have to think when I’m watching them and everything is going to be okay in 30 minutes!

The Brady Bunch

Oh come on, admit it, when you hear Sunshine Day you just have to smile.  Is the show down right obnoxious?  Of course and that’s part of the appeal.  The clothes are absurd and the hair, oh the hair.  From the curly lisp of Cindy all the way to the zitty geekiness of Greg, you just can’t say no to a little Brady!

Full House

You got it dude.  I said Full House.  This show goes far beyond the ridiculous in it’s sweetness but hey, that’s what you watch it for.  The Tanner family is so disgustingly perfect that it is very close to being nauseating but you have to appreciate that.  It’s part of the joy of watching the show.  Michelle will waddle in and say something cute, Joey will do some obnoxious voice, Jesse will fret about his hair, Stephanie will have the middle child syndrome, and Danny will clean.  It’s all how it should be.  You add to all this surgary sweetness the humorous music (dramatic music for the problem and then the make up music) and Dad’s “talks” and it just makes you almost want to wretch.  However, for better or worse, if I’m having a bad day it is guaranteed to make me smile.  If for no other reason than I could have Danny Tanner for a father!


Every once in a lifetime a show comes along and you look at it and think “Oh my God, someone has hidden a camera in my home.”  Yes, that would be the case with Roseanne (the early years before it started getting all weird).  I am the bellowing mother who always seems to have some smart ass comment that’s totally inappropriate.  I speak my mind, you can’t fault me for that.  Sometimes I watch Roseanne and I just can’t stop laughing, there’s so much truth to those early years.  I was and am Darlene and my brother’s name is even DJ.  Yes, he even put the Barbie parts in different boxes.  We are Roseanne and I think that’s why I love it.  If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

The Cosby Show

Who doesn’t love The Cosby Show?  Who didn’t watch that show and want to be a Cosby?  You had to love them.  They were smart, sophisticated, and yet, so real.  You wanted to be their friend and walk through that front door.  You wanted to meet all the performers they got to meet and be friends with their children.  I still watch The Cosby Show whenever it is on television.  Sometimes it is just good to visit old friends.

I Love Lucy

There are just some shows that are so iconic, so perfect, that there's nothing more you can say about them.  Lucy was absolutely a pioneer and wonderfully gifted.  You cannot watch I Love Lucy without laughing.  Sometimes you laugh so hard you just have to pause the show to catch your breath.  There's not a single show in the history of television that can top I Love Lucy!


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