A Child Left Behind


Pip had a deplorable education.  Talk about a child left behind.  Once you have a child, the first thoughts you have is what your child will be when they grow up.  Unless your child’s name happens to be His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, the choices are pretty much open.  When I was thinking of names for my unborn child, I would hum “Commander and Chief” and then say the name after President.  Therefore, my son ended up with a very traditional name.  Don’t you see what I was doing?  I was already deciding what he was going to be and he had not even made his first appearance yet.  The glitch in all these wonderful plans, however, is that means that parents are setting themselves up for disappointment from the very beginning.  My son has no interest in anything remotely close to politics and the likelihood of him being president is less than his likelihood of being bitten by a shark.  That really is the statistics!

However, parents have this thing they do.  They have a deep desire for their child to do a certain job and therefore hunt down an education that will match their future trade.  Whether this is a pursuit for the school with the best football team, best math program, or best science program.  We do it, let’s face it.  We all want what’s best for our child but very rarely do we consult our children in these matters.  We want all their dreams to come true but do we even know what they are?  My son wants to be a software engineer, this was not the profession I thought of but instead his deep desire.  So I have pursued educational opportunities for him to pursue this goal.  In the end who knows if he will do it but as of right now he’s enjoying his education.

Where parents go wrong is in certain cases they take a child’s abilities – natural or pushed into.  They take it too far and turn their child off from something they used to enjoy.  Sports is a fantastic example here.  Your child wants to play basketball and so you go out and have them join a team.  From there you sign them up for camps, extra practice, other teams, and before you know it you have a child who detests the sport they used to love.  I have seen it happen so many times and the same thing happens in their education.

A child shows a natural gift for math or science, reading and writing, and all of a sudden you’re signing them up for this class and that camp.  The child ends up overwhelmed and shuts down.  This also happens with the standardized testing.  They overwhelm the children to pass a test and yet other areas of their education is suffering.  They can pass a test but they don’t have a signature.  Something is wrong here.  Pip is the same thing.  He is going to be a blacksmith whether he likes it or not, his education reflects this pursuit.  He doesn’t need to learn to read to ply his trade!

So don’t allow your child to be a Pip.  Expose them to everything and let them decide their future.  In the end, they’re the ones that have to live that life, not you.


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