A Weak Constitution Causes Crime Rate To Soar


There are some characters in fiction that should just meet an untimely death.  They are so vile and so despicable that death is the only sweet relief you can imagine.  This is the fate of Mrs. Joe Gargery.  She must die an untimely death in order to set poor Joe free.  The man deserves better than her and deserves to be appreciated.  Joe’s a good simple man and you can see how he would welcome disrespectful behavior.  He screams “Please come and walk all over me”.  Some people just are like that.

Very recently there has been a sex scandal that has ravaged the Lakeland, Florida police department.  A single female worker, Sue Eberle, has come forward to accuse over a dozen police officers and firemen of having illicit sexual contact with her.  Often times these trysts occurred on the clock.  Meaning, essentially, taxpayers were paying these people to cheat on their spouses and have sex.  Talk about high end prostitution.  Just to drive the point home, the crime rate has been increasing and many workers knew of the incidents and failed to report them.  Now, my initial response was one of revulsion.  This woman is married.  Where in the world did she find the time and energy?  Did she not realize she was being used?  Is she just a whore?  Basically, this one woman assisted in the early retirement of several officers, the breakup of over a dozen marriages (hers NOT included – surprisingly), and the crime rate to soar.  It would be hard to fight crime when you’re thinking with another body part!  However, Eberle has said that she is the victim of unwarranted sexual advances and that her position was threatened.  She had been told, by several of the highest ranking officers, that if she came forward her job would be terminated.

So, I watched her interview again.  I now believe, like Joe, she simply is a magnet for disrespect.  She’s a mousy woman who just gives off  the whole “I’m a spineless weakling, come walk all over me” vibe.  If this is just a great deal of acting on her part, than I admit myself fooled.  She simply would do what anyone told her to do.  She’s a victim of her own weak constitution.  Like our dear Joe, she just cannot be seen as anyone worth respecting.  Certainly not someone that would stand up for herself.  Some of the details she is giving are just gross, I’m not a prude either.  They are sickening and yet she never stood up and told anyone no.  I don’t mean to say all of this to be rude but you know there are people out there like that!

I made this comparison (an unlikely pairing to say the least) to make a simple point.  Respect is not readily given in this life and unless you respect yourself no one else will either.  Joe had a lifetime to insist that his wife treat him with respect.  He could have, without resorting to the abuse he detests, respected himself enough to stand up to her.  The woman in Lakeland could have, at any point in time, said NO and go directly to supervision with her issue.  Would she have still lost her position?  Probably but she would not have lost her self respect.  We have all allowed people to walk all over us at some point in time.  It is a lesson learned very young and you either become stronger because of it or you become a doormat.  Dear reader, if you never gain a bit of knowledge from my site more than this, know that you are respected here.  Your opinions matter and your voice is always heard.  Never let anyone treat you disrespectfully, you’re worth a thousand of them!

Chapter Challenge: 14&15


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