Get Yourself A Dictionary

Cracked me up.  I hate the shortened language.  Just write out the damn word, does it really take longer?

This one cracked me up because I can fully relate.  I hate the new shortened language.  Does it really take that much longer to write the full word?  Our children are becoming morons!  They even talk in the shortened language.  The other day I told my son a joke and responded with a verbal “LOL”.  I asked him why he didn’t just laugh.  Why in the world did he say LOL instead of just freaking laughing?  What in the world is wrong with our children?  He has tried to talk to me in the shortened version and I ignore him.  He knows that I just think it is the single most lazy thing in the world.  Well, I do believe I am done ranting for the day.  LOL – Oops!  I mean laugh out loud.



  1. If you are looking for a unique lexicon then here is one for your library…Once Upon a TIme Words: Definitions of often read but seldom spoken words…it is really for the wordsmith in many of us!!

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