Good Call Google Good Call


In probably the single most respectful move by an internet company to date, Google set the bar particularly high today.  The house in Cleveland, Ohio where a monster (his name will not be mentioned here) kept three young women captive for a decade has been raised today.  In front of victim Michelle Knight, the house was leveled.  This comes after a ruling earlier this month where the monster was sentenced to life in prison with an additional 1,000 years for his atrocious behavior.

Google, in respect for the victims, has chosen to blur out the image of the home on their Google street view.  The image is just further proof that what happened in that house will not defeat these women.  They know that they are supported and lifted up from people across the world.  They can now start their lives without having to be reminded of the horror they experienced in this home, even when searching online.  I just want to say, good move Google good move!


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