The Smell of New Books


Forget the new car smell, I want the new book smell!


I have actually been known to do this.  I adore the smell of new books.  New textbooks are the best.  Another reason why I am not meant to own an e-reader.  Who the heck wants to smell a screen?



  1. Too right. I got some books in the mail the other day and the first thing I did was smell them. Each one was slightly different, the paperback different from the hardbacks more than the hardbacks were different from each other. Glorious.

    I do have an ereader for convenience though – it’s a Kindle Fire so I use it for more than reading, but it is useful for reading while travelling as it fits neatly into my handbag and I can just whip it out and read wherever I might be – dentist waiting office, bus stop, work canteen at lunch time. But real books will always have a place in my heart.

    • Real book are always my way to go. I tried an e-reader once and it just felt weird. Like I was having an adulterous affair on all my real books. I always carry a book with me in my purse. I am just known as the book lady. Today we were at my college and I was waiting in line and my son asked me for a book to read. The lady in front of us got a kick out of the fact that I actually pulled one out of my purse for him.

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