Your Childhood Beats Through Your Veins

My childhood home.

My childhood home.


Pip. Oh dear Pip, you have some issues child. He not only is the most stressed out child I have ever seen but now he has home issues. Home issues including a sense of shame of where he comes from. Poor Joe. Then he gets snobbish when he is to start his education as a gentleman. What in the world? Pip is one confused young man.
Being from a middle class existence, where we never really wanted for much, I actually am struggling in understanding Pip’s position. Shame of one’s home must be a very sad part of life, indeed. Our home was the one all my friends wanted to hang out at. It was always filled with friends, laughter, and good company. That was home to me and I was never ashamed of it. It made me who I am today.
Your home, good or bad, makes you who you are and there’s no shame in that. A member of my family had a very rough childhood. She will tell stories and I just want to scoop her up in a hug, they just make my heart ache. There are times when she acts as if she is ashamed of that childhood but in the end they created the woman she is today. She’s this fabulous mother who won’t let anything negative happen to her children. She’s probably one of the strongest people I know, even though she doesn’t always see it that way. She also knows how to get things done. I mean, if we need any sort of situation resolved she’s the woman to go to. She can talk to managers, get her point across, and she gets the job done. It’s actually a gift she possesses and it comes from her childhood.
Pip can try to deny his childhood and be shameful of it all he likes, however that is who he is. It’s part of his being and it can never truly be denied. No matter how snobbish he becomes. It’s in him and it has shaped the human he will become. In the famous words of Doroth Gale “There’s no place like home.”

Chapter 19 & 20


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