Humor Will Always Make it Sting Less


Seriously, you MUST read the sign in full. The jokes are just absolutely hilarious!

Sometimes victims need to fight back and that is just what Tim Lake did when he was victimized. The Phoenix resident had placed an order on Amazon and waited very patiently for his order to arrive. However, when it arrived it was stolen off his front porch.
Now who would do such a thing? A teenager out for the thrills? No. In fact, the camera clearly shows a middle aged, blonde haired woman walk up to his porch and grab the package. She took flight with his package in hand.
That’s when Lake took up the fight for justice. This is not about what he ordered, it is the injustice of someone stealing it. It is his cheeky nature that has really made this a unique case.
“She runs off into the distance, scurrying almost like she’s got a flat tire in there,” Lake told his local news station CBS5.
The CBS5 interview goes on to show his unique perspective on the situation. First he posted a humorous wanted poster and then he did the interview. In the interview Lake becomes emotionally distraught over his missing ice cube tray and coffee pods.
“Ice trays that make, like, perfectly square ice cubes,” he told CBS5, feigning emotion. “Or, even now that I think about it, iced coffee.”
He may not have his package but one thing is perfectly clear, he definitely has his sense of humor.


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