The Grass Is Always Greener


Pip’s snobbery is a sobering reminder of what people do to prepare themselves for a big change. I know people like this and I have actually brought this to their attention, God love her she puts up with my honesty more than anyone should! There is this part of the human brain that fears change so much that when a big change is about to take place they shut down. They don’t seem to know how to leave on a positive note. They seem to think that if everyone is upset with them, it will somehow make leaving them easier. It’s an interesting phenomenon to watch. I believe that is probably what is going on with Pip here.
I was, I admit, upset with Pip when it came to the scene with the tailor. That poor son of the tailor, what a wretched life he must lead, and it was a blatant reminder of Pip as a child. Yet Pip did not see this or show empathy to the boy. That was surprising to me. You would think that someone as abused and knocked down as Pip would be the first to notice abuse when it was happening. We won’t even get started on how he treats poor Joe. The one person in his entire life who treated him with anything remotely close to respect and common courtesy. How dare he treat him like that.
I do love how Dickens described Pip’s disgust with London. Here he was expecting these great and wonderful things, only to find that the filth and disgust of the city is not at all what he expected. The grass is always greener on the other side. Take me for instance. I always had these wild fantasies about leaving my small town in Ohio. How I longed to leave the confines of that tiny little town and spread my wings. So we moved. We not only moved a little ways away, we moved over 1,800 miles away. Into this completely different world. A larger city with all the congestion you’d expect to find. Now seven years later, I have nothing but a deep desire to be back in a small town. I have had enough of the rush hours, the big malls, and the throngs of people I don’t know. I want to be back in a place where I know everybody.
Pip is an interesting character and one that proves how much we actually do grow and change over a lifetime. I am certainly not who I was even a decade ago. I’m a little wiser, a little more settled, and a little more comfortable in my own body. That comes with age and maturity. I can’t wait to see where Pip goes after this!
Challenge Chapters 21 & 22


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