Happy National Book Lovers Day



It’s time to pick up your books, give them a big kiss, and wish them  a very happy national book lovers day!  What a fabulous holiday.  To help commemorate the day, I have included my list of the ten best books I have read throughout my life and my reasons why.  I hope you enjoy and please feel free in adding your own list!

  1. Where the Wild Things Are – To this day when I read it, I smile.  I have read it to every child in the family and still pick it up and read it to myself.  I just adore the story and the imagery.
  2. Oh The Places You’ll Go – Seriously, this book is not a child’s book.  It’s a lovely book that will lift up your spirits every single time.  When I’m feeling a little low and that this world has beaten me down, I pick it up and read it.  My son, after years of me doing the same thing with him, now picks it up when he needs some encouragement.
  3. The Harry Potter Series – Did you honestly think that would not be on the list?  No series has ever captured my heart, mind, or imagination.  I was part of that generation who had to wait two years in between books, stand in line at midnight, and then had to wait for the movies!  Oh these kids today have no idea how torturous it all was but it was part of the magic.
  4. The Outsiders – It is the book that everyone reads in middle school and I was no different.  Dear Ponyboy, you were in so many of my early teen girl fantasies!
  5. Romeo and Juliet – Nothing says romance quite like a double suicide.  I always thought it was so strange that people thought it was romantic.  I read it when I was, I believe, fourteen.  It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I really understood the message involved.
  6. The Hobbit – I just adore little Bilbo Baggins.  It’s truly the mind of Tolkien that fascinates me.
  7. War of the Worlds – You may be surprised to see this on the list, considering what a heck of a time I had with the book.  There’s a logic to why it is on here.  I adore the book because it challenged me.  It wasn’t an easy read for me and I didn’t enjoy the subject at all, however I can now look at that book and think “You did not defeat me”.  That’s pretty special.
  8. The Other Boleyn Girl – Not the movie, it’s far too intense for my liking, but the book.  I adore Phillipa Gregory because her books never feature a popular historical person and this book is probably her best writing.  It just absolutely snagged me from page one.
  9. The Historian – It was actually a so-so book.  The plot was weird and the characters really weren’t that well written.  For those reasons, the book too me well over six months to complete.  I would pick it up, read two pages, put it down.  However, like War of the Worlds, I keep it in a coveted place on my shelf because it didn’t beat me.  Would I read it again?  Heck no but it’s there just the same.
  10. Mass Media Revolution – This is actually a textbook and a poorly written textbook at that.  It has spelling errors, grammar errors, and facts all skewed but the idea was great.  I am a mass media major and this was the first media course I took.  It’s the only textbook in my life I have read cover to cover!

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