Did You Accomplish Your Summer Read Goal

summer reading t


This summer I started my blog and quest.  I was hoping by this point in time to have at least five books down but it was not to be.  Summer has officially started to wind down, let me just say I’m pretty bummed, and I have not met my personal reading goal.  This summer, after many previous summers of full on activities, we made an effort to do nothing but be pure lazy.  We accomplished this with surprising ease.  Late nights, late days, and sometimes getting dressed.  Yes, my dear readers, many times I have come to you in my jammies!  Now we have to get on a schedule, get busy with homework, and my dread the long waits in the car rider line.  Yes, it has officially started to come to an end and I believe I am more bummed than my son.  Usually I am telling him WEEKS in advance that school is coming, we’re going to throw a party, and often I quip that we will just pop a tent in the school’s yard so he’s sure not to be late.  However, I am truly dreading it this year and I’m going to miss having him home all the time.  So have you started to feel the pull of autumn?  Have you begun to feel the threat of the end of summer?

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