Guardian Angel Saves Girl From Crash


If you are news junky like me, sometimes you can get overwhelmed. You hear so much about this predator and that murderer. It can make you want to wrap your child in bubble wrap and stay home. I can do everything from home. Work, school, and even grocery shop. Why do I have to leave? That’s why when I hear a story that is positive I rejoice. It restores my sanity and my hope for humanity.
The image above is a composite drawing not of a killer but of an angel, as some would believe. On August 4th, a small town in Missouri is convinced they witnessed a miracle and who am I to question it?
Katie Lentz, 19, was on Route 19 near Center, Mo., when she was struck head on by a drunk driver. She was pinned in the front seat of her convertable and her vital signs were failing. She asked the rescue workers to please pray with her and that’s when a miracle occurred.
An unknown man dressed as a Catholic priest appeared out of nowhere, despite the two mile wide blockade on the road. He started to pray with them and used anointing oils. All first responders have reported that they felt a calmness come over them. The priest then went on to tell them that everything would be find and that the equipment that kept failing would be just fine.
To their astonishment, another crew showed up with working equipment and they were able to free Lentz from the vehicle. When they turned around to thank him, he was gone.
All first responders are feeling as if they witnessed a guardian angel at work and no one is arguing with them.
Lentz survived the accident and is now recovering at the hospital. Was she the recipient of a very active guardian angel? Who knows but it has to make you wonder.


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