Your House Personality

My office!

My office!
I truly do adore the wallpaper. The color on the walls is of my own creation. The desk is actually an old dining room table cut in half and painted white!


Plates with the same wallpaper in the middle - quirky and fun!

Plates with the same wallpaper in the middle – quirky and fun!

Your home is your castle or so they say. This is clearly the case in Charles Dickens’ brain. Throughout the three chapters I read, he writes at length about the atmosphere of the homes of these characters. This got me to thinking, what would my house’s personality be if it matched mine.
For starters, in order for the house to match my personality best, it would have to be smaller. I don’t like large places and being born with zero depth perception I can’t really do stairs so well. It would be comfortable and warm. I like fabric, blankets and pillows are an absolute favorite. It would have lively colors and bold prints. Kind of like my office pictured above. In order to match my personality best it would be cheerful and a little zany. I think quirky is the world best used to describe me. I am eccentric in both my personality and tastes. I like odd pieces in an otherwise humdrum room. I like something that just makes my area pop, if you will.
In my room, for instance, I was inspired by Jane Austen. The room is pink and lovely. Somehow I was able to capture Regency England without being gawdy and I have been told it is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. However, I need a quirky piece. That one thing that you can’t go to the store and just pick up. That’s when I used an old frame, painted it glossy black, dyed pages out of Pride and Prejudice (I know gasp but it was falling apart already), and made the Union Jack. It’s just a quirky piece that no one else is going to have and I adore it.
So what is your house style?

My Pride and Prejudice Union Jack!

My Pride and Prejudice Union Jack!
Died using food coloring, that’s why I have the one darker area (which is a whole lot darker on film than in person)!



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