A Gentleman’s Folley

pip (1)

The abuse Joe suffers in this book should be a crime. It’s just awful. Pip treats him like dirt at every single turn and yet Joe remains. Is that a parent’s virtue? Do we hang on even when our children are terrible to us? Of course. There’s no doubt that Joe has a paternal feeling towards Pip, however his unconditional love makes us feel nothing but sorrow and pity for the man. How many times does he need to be kicked down by this ungrateful young man before he just goes away?
I believe Estella is the counter balance to Joe in Pip’s life. Here she is, so close and yet so far away. He can see her but never have her. While Joe is always present, offering him unconditional love, and he doesn’t even feel it. I know that Pip feels genuine shame for the way he treats Joe but it doesn’t stop him from continuing the behavior.
Estella is the product of Miss Havisham. She’s cold and distant. You can see almost a cult like brain washing in Estella. It’s Miss Havisham’s heart ache that has raised that poor girl and has taught her that men are just something to be played with. What a horrible shame because she’s selling herself short. While she may have all the beauty in the world, she has no heart. This happens a lot in life. You start out with one opinion of a person, only to learn their personality and think of them quite differently.
I am a single parent, something I have stated before, and while I won’t go into any embarassing details I will say that I know the experience well. I know how Pip feels, however, I don’t think he will give up or ever see Estella as ugly. While I once knew a man that was beautiful, probably the most beautiful man I ever saw, once I got to know him he became quite ugly. Have you ever experienced a similar situation?
Pip is on a fast track to heart ache and I would blame that on Miss Havisham. It’s her game and Estella is nothing but her little playing piece. Her pawn in a huge chess board of men. Miss Havisham is in no way Pip’s benefactor. I’m sorry, he can think what he will, but she’s not. She wouldn’t waste her money on a boy, she doesn’t give them enough credit. I believe, as I have since the beginning, that it is the prisoner he helped in the cemetary. I believe there is more to that scene than just Pip’s anxiety over it. It has turned up time and time again throughout the story and that is not without a reason.
Chapter Challenge: 31-37

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