I Figured Out Why I Really Dislike Pip



My son is well aware that of all the things he can do to get in the most trouble, whining would be it.  It gets him absolutely nowhere with me and instead gets him in a world of trouble.  I just can’t take it.  It makes my skin crawl every single time I hear it.  You can moan and complain all you want but as soon as that voice goes an octave higher you’re whining.  I have met children like this before.  Sniveling little wretches who whine so much their voice is permanently stuck in whine mode.  I often have to sit on my hands because I really want to smack these children.  I just don’t understand how their mothers can take it, I would have been one child short after that much whining.  I love my child but he didn’t come out this well behaved.  The first behavior I really stopped was the whining.  I’m not saying he doesn’t want to whine, I’m sure he does, but he knows well enough to leave it be.  If he has a valid argument for what he wants, I will always reconsider my first answer.  I have been known to change my mind but only if he can give me valid reasons for doing so.  That’s why I think I can’t stand Pip.  I have read well over two-hundred pages now and I have yet to hear of him not whining.  To me he’s probably the single whiniest character in literature.  What he needs is Joe to tell him off.  He needs someone to tell him he’s acting like a jerk.  That’s how you build humility in a person, they need to be humbled.  Pip better find the light at some point in time or he will quickly become the worst fictional character ever written.  Until that point I will just have to manage the feeling inside me of reaching through the book and choking him!

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