Ahh How Cute…A Celebrity Who Thinks She’s An Author



There are few things in this world that I truly despise, typically I’m a fairly easy going person. I live and let live and move through life pretty unhindered by objection. I don’t offend easily and laugh off more than I probably should.

However, one thing has always gotten under my skin and I blame it on my bibliophile brain. There are authors, true artists with genius to spare, and then there are celebrities who think they are authors. They slap their name on a book, they may or may not have written, take a picture pretending they actually cook for themselves and you have a best seller. This irks me to no end. You are an actress, stick to what you do best. Unless your life is worth reading, leave the writing to those who are actually writers.

Apparently I am not alone. Recently Gwyneth Paltrow inflamed an entire tent worth of writers at the East Hampton Library’s 9th Annual Authors Night. She was promoting her new cookbook “It’s all Good”. Apparently her fans, bodyguards, and basically her presence was too much for some of these authors.

Author Christina Oxenberg blogged about her experience in what has to be one of the most humorous posts written to date. Be sure to read it here.

So, dear readers, I beg of you to stop supporting the craziness that is the celebrity fascination and continue to support the real authors!



  1. writingmom2013

    But… but… if we stop supporting celebrity authors, how will Snooki get to the top of the NYT bestseller list by writing about candy-cane striped genitalia laden blow jobs? 😉

  2. I agree. Rant on!

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