Mother Nature is Such a Drama Queen


There are a couple of things that you must know about how I read these classic books.  I go to the quiet and solitude of my room, get as comfortable as humanly possible, and read with a journal and pen next to me.  That way if something strikes me worth writing about, I do it right then and there.  What is to follow is my journal entry from yesterday’s reading.  Enjoy.

There are a few things about Florida that they will not share in brochures.  The first, is that most Floridians do not live on the beach.  Matter of fact, in the seven years I have been here I’ve been to the beach six times.  It is worth noting that I am not a beach person.  Some people adore the beach and go out of their way to be there, not me.  It’s hot, sandy, and things in the water will eat you.  No thank you.  You can keep your beach.  The other thing they do not share is that it rains here a lot.  We may be the “Sunshine State” but it storms quite a bit.  Not just quite a bit but literally every single afternoon.  This happens to be my favorite part of Florida.  I love rain and especially thunderstorms.  Some people are terrified of thunderstorms, hide when they see them coming, not me.  I adore every single booming minute of it.  If I cannot curl up with a good book during a blizzard, a roaring thunderstorm is the next best thing.  They are nature’s way of reminding us that while we may think we’re powerful, this is still her show.  We are at her mercy and she declares this with gusto.

It is during one of these whopping afternoon storms that I continue to plug away at Great Expectations.  There’s something beautifully fitting about it all.  Lounging in my ratty overstuffed chair, wrapped in my antique quilt, and reading Dickens.  I may be able to see palm trees from my window but for the delightful twenty minutes of the thunderstorm, I’m a thousand miles away.  Locked in a room with Pip and Magwitch.  While thunder rattles the windows and rain pounds the roof.  It is as if the forces of nature are ensuring that I get the most out of my reading.  It is my sound and lighting crew, setting the ambiance of Victorian England for me.  I am profoundly grateful for it.

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