The Duality of Magwitch



First, I just have to say that Magwitch makes me hungry.  I read his name and think “Sloppy Joes, now there’s a good idea”.  However, I will attempt to get serious here for a moment.  There is a duality to this character that I adore.  He’s gross, to say the least, but you really cannot blame him for being so.  You want to be repelled by him but you also feel this pang of pity for him.  It is almost detestable the way he clings to Pip but it is heroic the way he gave up his wealth for him.  It’s a duality, an oxymoron if you will, that just makes him a very interesting creation.  While you want to walk away from him and take a bath, you kind of want him to be your benefactor.  There is nothing more appealing about a character than one that is self sacrificing.

We have a mere nine chapters left until we say goodbye to Pip, Magwitch, Estella, and Miss Havisham and I have to say there is part of me that will be missing them.  I will be posting more today about what I have read, so be looking for those.  Tomorrow I will finish up Great Expectations and be moving on to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.  While I will not be shifting in era, Victorian England will be the time frame again, I will be switching up the genre greatly.  From the dark and gloom of Dickens to the drugged out craziness of Carroll, should be a fun shift!

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