Jumping For Joy

jumpfor joy


I have finally finished Great Expectations.  While the book was, at times, hard to get through, I am really glad I kept plugging along.  Pip is a fantastic character that you can truly see grow throughout the book.  I love the twists and turns in this book, although some were fairly obvious.  Some led to complete “What” moments.  Here’s a list of some of the major twists I enjoyed.

  • Joe marries Biddy.  I honestly did not see this one coming.
  • Estella in the garden.  I kind of thought she would be there but it was still shocking.
  • Magwitch is the benefactor.  Saw it!
  • Matwitch is Estella’s father.  I kind of wondered but was still very shocked.
  • Orlick killed Mrs. Gargery.  I completely knew this but didn’t know he was after Pip.  Interesting.
  • Miss Havisham apologizes.  I didn’t think the woman had it in her.

For all it is worth, I enjoyed the book.  Now on to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  Time to get a little mad here!


  1. The plot twists were my favorite part of Great Expectations. A Tale of Two Cities is probably my favorite of his works. Will you keep reading & blogging once you’ve read all of the books in the challenge? Maybe that could be an addition to your list? 😀

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