Fantasy Enriches The Brain


As I began reading about Alice, one question really popped out at me.  What purpose does fantasy serve?  It is a striking question and one we would all assume we know the answer to.  We all think that fantasy serves this greater good and I do think it does; but what can we honestly learn from fantasy?  What purpose does it serve in the great big picture that is life on this planet?

Here’s the answer, as I believe it to be.  It is strictly opinion and not based on any sort of scientific practice.  I have found that the people I generally adore the most in my life happen to be fantasy junkies.  They are the purveyors of fairy tales and the believers in make believe.  They hold the silly, zany, and wacky on a pedestal and abhor normalcy.  Fantasy enriches the brain and nurtures the imagination.  It preaches of the endless possibilities of the impossible.  It screams at us to go down that rabbit hole and begs us to eat the cake.  Alice, therefore, is not just a little girl on a grand adventure.  She’s all of us who have ever been stuck in an improbable predicament and wondered what to do next.  Sometimes logic cannot be your only guide, sometimes it is imagination that propels you along.  There are times when life feels a little bit like Alice’s free fall through the rabbit hole and only the readers of fantasy understand the truth.  The fall is only the beginning.

So you see, while fantasy may seem a little bit childish, it serves a very real purpose.  It helps us to remember that life is a little crazy and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  When life gets “curiouser and curiouser”, you just need to remember a little girl named Alice and take that leap of faith.  It may just take you on a journey you never knew was coming.

Challenge Chapters: 3 & 4


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