Getting To Know Lewis Carroll


Did you honestly think I would start a new book and not have lists?

  • Lewis Carroll’s real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.
  • He taught elementary mathematics at Oxford’s Christ College.
  • Carroll was an avid photographer.  He took quite a few images of unclad little girls.  When gossip started to circulate that it was an unhealthy practice, he destroyed most of the negatives.  He thought they were an innocent admiration of their charms.
  • He was devoutly Anglican and an ordained deacon.
  • He was orthodox in his religious views except for his heretical refusal to believe God wouldn’t eternally punish anyone, including Satan.
  • Alice is based on a little girl named Alice Liddell.  There is very convincing evidence that Carroll may have formed a romantic attachment to Alice.  Including the sudden decision by her parents to stop Carroll’s interactions with Alice, the burning of all of his letters to her, and the diary page from this time in his life mysteriously missing.
  • He was a confirmed bachelor who preferred the company of children over adults.
  • There has been unsubstantiated rumors for years that Carroll was addicted to opium.  While the evidence is somewhat lacking, it would explain Wonderland.
  • The book we read today was not the original story.  The first copy was presented to young Alice and did not feature many of the scenes we’ve come to associate with the work.  Imagine a Wonderland without the Mad Hatter.
  • Lewis Carroll was a lover of games and created several of his own.  Including variations of croquet, games played with pieces on a checkerboard, and a game called doublet which was a word game.
  • He died on 14 January 1898 at his sisters’ home, “The Chestnuts” in Guildford, of pneumonia following influenza. He was two weeks away from turning 66 years old. He is buried in Guildford at the Mount Cemetery.
Alice Liddell

Alice Liddell


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