Happy Birthday Evanna Lynch



One of the most frustrating things for a bibliophile is when a movie is released and the characters are nothing like what you imagined.  I just want to say happy birthday to Evanna Lynch who brought Luna Lovegood to life.  This is one instant where the character and the actress were so perfectly aligned that it was as if she was heaven sent for this role.  I adore the airy sing song voice and her quiet brilliance.  Not to mention her ability to wear radish earrings with pride.  So let’s all read our Quibblers upside down and tip some Pumpkin Juice in celebration of Evanna Lynch.



  1. Evanna Lynch is definitely one of my favorite actresses from the movies. Matthew Lewis as Neville was great, as well.

    • Absolutely and she just is exactly what was in my head when I read the series.

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