Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter



I simply cannot talk about the Mad Hatter without discussing one of my favorite actors of all time. Johnny Depp is just a delicous actor that plays quirky with a sense of empathy. Here are some of my favorite Johnny Depp roles:

1. Edward Scissorhands

I adore this character. He’s almost like a lost puppy and somehow you just want to take him home. He’s simply an adorable creature and truly is one of the finest Depp performances in my mind. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are legends when it comes to quirky and lovable. I adore this creation. It’s not easy to be lovable when you have scissors and leather on.




2. Gilbert Grape

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. Oh how I love this delicious character. He’s just a wonderful creation and truly shows the best acting chops Depp has. The chemistry between Johnny and Leonardo DiCaprio is just supreme. There’s something very real about this character and it doesn’t always settle well with you. He makes you uncomfortable at times, like any good character should.



3. Sam in Benny & Joon

I remember going to the theater to see this movie. It was me and my friends and three other people. To this day I cannot figure it out. It was an adorable movie and when my serious crush for Depp started. Sam is absolutely adorable and truly one of the most loveable characters of all time. He just played the quirkiness in such a fantastically adorable fashion.



4. Willy Wonka

Okay, so I know he is no Gene Wilder in the movie and it was an odd show, but if you love quirky Wonka is pretty much as quirky as they come. It also gave me and my son some great one liners. “Mumbler” “I guess she was a bad nut.” and “You smell like old people.”




5. The Mad Hatter

madhatterI abhorred this movie. It was far too gruesome for what was necessary and felt like a bad acid trip most of the time. However, Depp’s Mad Hatter is the only shining moment I can honestly say I had. He was melancholy but then it explained his madness so well. He was heart breaking and yet strong. It was the duality of the character that I adored. Not to mention great hair!


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