The Queen of Hearts is Passion Unchecked



Lewis Carroll once said “I pictured to myself the Queen of Hearts as a sort of embodiment of ungovernable passion–a blind and aimless Fury.” This is a fairly logical reasoning behind the furious embodiment of that playing card.

Others often read more into the character than what is there. There have been those that have viewed the Queen of Hearts as a political statement. Either about Queen Victoria or Queen Mary. The Queen Mary connection was based on her love of executions. She did not earn the nickname Bloody Mary for nothing.

However, it is easier to think that Carroll himself did not make a political statement as much as he made a personal statement. She’s the embodiment of passion and sometimes passion makes us do crazy things. We’re not rational and maybe it is this that Carroll wanted us to see. Not the fury and anger but the ridiculousness of unchecked passion. Maybe it was the passion within himself that he always attempted to keep in control that finally bled out of him in this character.

No matter how you look at the Queen of Hearts, you can always count on one thing. Lewis Carroll’s creation of Wonderland gurantees that there is more to the queen than meets the eye.


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