The Time Has Come…



The time has come to start reading John Milton’s Paradise Lost.  I am actually quite intimidated by this epic poem and will do my level best to understand it but it does appear to be daunting.  Dear readers, please stand behind me as I attempt this challenge!



  1. I’ve just begun reading it too! I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to take in when reading out loud, particularly during the soliloquies. Good luck!

    • I was actually just in the car waiting for my son to come out from school and I was doing that. It is much easier to read out loud. I am on page 15, so I have a ways to go, but so far I am adoring the language.

      • Ah, I’m on page 30 or so. I too am finding the language a beauty to read, though I’m finding he spends too much time during the narration referencing various myths and stories: “As Jupiter said to Abraham on Mt. Sinai…” kind of thing. I’d much rather he got on with telling the story. Other than that, it’s surprisingly readable!

      • I too am surprised with how easy he is to read. There’s a rhythm to it that is just wonderful. He is long winded, I will give you that. I have found myself Googling (to me it is a verb) the different myths just so I can understand the references.

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