Planned Library




  1. Yes. My dream house is centred around the library – upper storey, north-facing so no direct sunlight, but large windows so lots of light, with window seats, light coloured wood shelving, one section for ancient history, one big section for fantasy, then another section of mainstream fiction and finally a section for historical fiction. Soft natural colour scheme – magnolia walls with light green and lavender upholstery, carpet, curtains, etc. Adjacent study, closest to the ancient history books, containing shelves of writing assistance books. Oh and the view is of the Wrekin, a hill near where I live in Shropshire (though this admittedly limits the available locations to “between Much Wenlock, Little Wenlock and Cressage”.

    Don’t have a clue what the rest of the house will look like. Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, I suppose.

    By comparison, the wedding: probably mum and dad’s house, bridesmaid’s dresses blue, bouncy castle. Um… I’ve been engaged 6 years.

    • I should add: ancient history in chronological order, everything else alphabetical by author’s last name.

      • LMAO…You really do have it planned out. I am the same exact way. I have it all in my head and I just can’t get my vision to come to any fruition. Mine includes a spiral staircase, although I could never climb it. I have zero depth perception, which means I simply cannot do stairs.

  2. I try to keep my library expectations as in line with my life expectations as possible (so not too high!), but as long as I can have one of those bookshelves that covers a wall and over the top of a doorway I am happy! Although an actual library would make my life!

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