Blogger Not “Responsable” For Any Misspellings



I will not even begin this story by saying something snarky about No Child Left Behind or the fact that most athletes in school get through solely on their talent alone.  In school I was the geek that made fun of the low intellect of most of the cheerleaders, so I shall not make those rude comments here.  I will just let the picture and the story below speak for itself.

As pictured on a variety of Twitter accounts and brought to Prep Rally’s attention by Busted Coverage, Hoover (Al.) High, one of the nation’s most high profile football programs, entered the field by bursting through a giant “run-through” banner with an enormous misspelled word during a recent preseason game. The banner, which was created by the Hoover cheerleaders, can be seen above.

Just in case you can’t make out the exact words, here’s what the banner says:

Hoover Football Cannot Be Held Responsable For Ruffled Feathers

Someone might want to take the time to remind the Hoover cheerleaders that it’s spelled “responsible” with an “i”, not an “a.”

The ruffled feathers part of the message was a clever allusion to the Florence (Al.) High Falcons, who were Hoover’s opponents in the preseason scrimmage.

Luckily for Hoover, the game on the field was more successful than the banner-making exercise; the Bucs pulled out a 27-6 victory against Florence.



  1. This made me laugh because they were our crosstown rivals in Birmingham. (I went to Spain Park. Lol.)

    • LOL..That is pretty funny. I just love when there is an epic fail (as my son would say) on such a grand scale!

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