Bucket List Item – Holding Da Vinci’s Codex


I have stated before that I have this sort of unhealthy obsession with all thing related to Leonardo Da Vinci.  I honestly believe in my heart that he was one of the single most brilliant human beings to have ever lived.  With that said, I have added something to my bucket list that I cannot believe I didn’t think of earlier.  I have a deep longing to hold one of Leonardo’s codex’s in my hands.  Not own it, because unless I wake up a billionaire tomorrow that simply will not occur, just hold it.  Do you think if I would contact Bill Gates he’d be game for it?  Rumor has it that he owns one of them, the other is owned by Queen Elizabeth, and the third I believe is owned by the Vatican.  Anyone know their email addresses? davincicodex1 davincicodex davincicodex2

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