How Can This Possibly Be?


Well, I knew this day would get here soon enough but how it happened so quickly, I’ll never understand.  Today my son turns 13.  Yes, that’s his adorable little face right there when he was 3.  I cannot even believe he has now entered the dreaded teenage years.  As a single parent, there were times when I depended on him more than he will probably ever realize.  When his tiny little shoulders held up every ounce of me.  He was, at times, my reason for rising in the morning and pushing myself so hard.  That beautiful little face, it fills every single fiber of my being.  I honestly never understood unconditional love until he was born and will probably never experience anything as strong again in my life.

Today, he’s a strong young man.  Happy, healthy, smart, funny, and unique.  He never follows a crowd and has enough inner strength to show compassion to those who generally don’t get it.  Over the years I have had so many parents thank me for raising a son who stood up for their child when they were being bullied, for having a child who befriended their special needs child without hesitation, or for being one of the few young man to actually open the door for ladies in his middle school.

He has taught me more about myself than I can ever express and I hope in turn I have taught him a thing or two.  As we move through the impending teenage years I am sure we will have our share of spats but in the end I will love him forever.  This song is dedicated to him and who I hope he becomes:


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