Confused and a Tad Bit Upset By This Blog



Today I read this asinine blog post about 9 Popular Yet Terrible Kids Books and was surprised that my gut reaction was distaste.  I abhor when an adult tries to rationalize a children’s book as if they were written for adults.  It’s absurd.  All of these books I have read to children and they have always adored it.  I do believe the author of this post needs to be medicated, she’s far too engrossed in children’s books.  If you want to read the post go here.  It truly is astounding to me that she even bothers reading her children any books.



  1. What is this lady’s deal?! She’s reading too much into books intended for kids. -_-

    • That’s exactly what I thought. She’s putting adult content into books that are intended for children.

  2. Ummmmm, I’m not sure what to say about this. This is probably why children’s books shouldn’t be critiqued. They’re meant to be silly. Books that are repetitive and have rhyming words help kids learn to read.

    Also, bestiality… really?

    • Exactly. Repetitive wording is the first step in learning to read and the bestiality thing just really made me scratch my head. Talk about putting adult themes where none are intended!

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