What I am Blogging To Today


Do you want to know what I listen to when I am blogging?  Here you go!



  1. Good old Mumford and Sons. I love them and often play their music when I’m writing, blogging, reading or just browsing the net. But Marcus’s moustache in the Winter Winds video scares me.

    • LOL…I actually don’t watch the videos. I often blog to Mumford and Sons, Flogging Molly, and Awolnation. However, I do like my oldies but goodies too – Pink Floyd, Beatles, Hendrix, etc.

      • Have you heard Mumford and Sons’s cover of the Boxer? I’m quite fond of it, though I prefer the original – actually there’s quite a bit of Simon and Garfunkel I’m quite happy listening to. It’s about time I “appropriated” my mum’s CD to rip onto my PC.

      • My dad was a full on hippy rock listener. I can’t do the Garfunkel stuff. I’m sure he would disown me for such an action. It’d be like listening to the Begees! LOL I do adore some Peter, Paul, and Mary though. Puff the Magic Dragon gets me even to this day.
        I have not heard their cover, on Youtube right now looking that up!

      • It’s on the album Babel, if that helps.

  2. This is my favorite of their songs, just because of the video: vhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rId6PKlDXeU

    • Oh I do love that video as well!

    • The best thing about this band is it confuses my parents. I remember when they were on the Grammy Awards and I turned it up. My parents were asking me which one was the father and who were the sons. LOL I was cracking up.

      • LOL!!! That is awesome. I love it when older folks get literal with pop culture.

      • It would be excused if they were older parents, however my parents were in their teens when they had me. Therefore, not that old…mid 50’s. They should know better. LOL I asked my dad if Pink Floyd was actually a man named Floyd who was Pink? LOL

      • LOL omg even better!!!

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