What Was It Like?


When I read books about early human beings, like Paradise Lost, my brain always starts to go in these weird places.  I’m a question person.  I believe in asking questions and researching questions.  I believe that is how humans learn and grow.  So my brain automatically goes to these strange areas where I end up overloading my brain with questions that cannot possibly be answered.  Early humans, I’m not talking about the story of creation here (there may be truth in it but it’s not for me to judge), had a lot of new things to experience.  I want to know what that was like for them.  Think of all the things we know and take for granted.  Things that seem very common sense to us today, would have been totally brand new to them.

So here are some questions I have:

  1. When the first person died of natural causes, like dying in their sleep not being eaten or something.  What was that like?  How long did Grandpa lay there before anyone realized he wasn’t getting up?
  2. Who was the person who picked up a snail and thought “I bet I could put butter on this and it would taste fabulous”?  Which it does not, just so we are clear here.
  3. Who figured it out that human waste and food should probably be separated?  How did they figure this out?
  4. Who was the man who invented fire?  Was he brilliant or just accident prone?
  5. When did sex become a joyful experience and not just for mating purposes?  Who was the man (because you know it had to be) that decided he enjoyed it instead of just attempting to breed?
  6. Who was the human that looked at a seed and thought to put it in the ground?

It’s intriguing when you think about it.  Most of the questions will never get answered but they are intriguing when you think about them.  There are thousands of questions I have like this.  If you could travel back in time and find out the answer to any question, what would it be?

Chapter Challenge: Book 6


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