The Magic of a Good Book


Here are the 10 reasons why I don’t own a kindle:

  1. I never have to plug a book in to charge.
  2. A Kindle looks stupid sitting on my bookshelf.
  3. I adore cute bookmarks which just look ridiculous sitting on the top of a Kindle.
  4. Kindles don’t smell like books.
  5. Kindles don’t feel like books.
  6. Children will never know the feeling of “wearing a book out” by reading it too much.
  7. It’s hard to see the words through children’s smudgy finger prints.
  8. What’s the point in owning 200 ebooks if you can’t display them?  I love when people come over and see how many books I have actually read and the quality of them.
  9. I want to flip through a book and find that one special quote.
  10. My books are like extensions of my soul, I am not a machine!

Okay, I know I said 10…but here’s a big one.  When I was growing up, one of the biggest joys I had was going to a bookstore.  I loved the little nooks to read in and the smell of the cafe.  Amazon is killing the mom and pop bookstores.  I fully support my local bookstore “The Book Stall” and would hate to see them cease to exist.



  1. Reblogged this on Bugle Boy Publishing Co. and commented:
    the importance of buying a paper back book will never go away…the smell, the sound of the actual page turning and the little folds where you have left off.

  2. My Dad gets frustrated with me because I have a kindle but he never sees me using it – I use it for travelling and for big books with small font! Other than that I just can’t depart from my love of paper books!

    • I just can’t use one. It’s like my brain goes into shock.

      • It took me a good chunk of time, and I have the most basic one so that the pages sort of look like a book – none of this kindle fire or paper white nonsense!

  3. I have a Kindle fire, but I use it far more for its tablet properties when I’m not at home than I do for reading. It’s great for reading and reviewing books that are only available in ebook or to save an author money shipping me a paper copy to review (or save me money if I’m buying), and it’s a godsend when I’ve got to travel by train for work because it fits nicely in my handbag, which most books don’t do, plus I can use it to read and play music at the same time (Phamie Gow’s beautiful piano music is good to read to).

    But it’s not got soul. It’s not got scent. It’s not got that feel of pages against my thumb. It lacks the heft of a real book. It’s okay for now, when I’m living in a room half filled with someone else’s junk that doesn’t have much bookshelf space. Most of my books remain at my parents’ house. But when I move into my own place, a place for settling down in, I will have a dedicated library (even it’s designed as a box bedroom) and I will have bookshelves crammed with all my books. I love being surrounded by books; it’s as if reading feels more natural and more real when there are books everywhere (and I have recently discovered a local cafe that also sells second hand books, so I’ll be going there a lot).

    The convenience of my Kindle will never override the soul and presence real books have.

    • I agree with you. I just can’t replace my babies. They are part of me.

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