Holding Onto Anger


Typically in my life I always attempt to let my anger go.  I truly am a happy woman who has not allowed anger to eat away at me.  I have privately forgave so many people for things they have done, major infractions.  However, hurting my family is the one thing I honestly cannot let go of.

Yesterday, a woman passed away that hurt my family, my grandmother in particular, so bad that I honestly am having a hard time letting this anger go.  Not only did this woman cheat on my great uncle, who was like a beloved grandfather to me, but she was just a horrid woman.  I will just say that she immigrated to the United States to avoid being arrested for hate crimes (unknown to my uncle at the time of marriage).  She knew my grandmother for over sixty years and did not attend her funeral.  Why you may ask.  Well, because she was having a garage sale of course.  When my grandmother was starting to get ill, she went to help her pack to move down here with us.  Mysteriously all of the precious family heirlooms are now missing.  Including the treasured jewelry my cousin and I used to play princesses with when we were children.  My cousin wanted to wear the jewelry at her wedding but could not because they were missing.

I simply cannot let this anger go.  I just cannot forgive this woman for the pain she has caused our family.  Now, she has passed away but I cannot feel anything but the seething anger I feel for her.  Is this wrong?


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