I Am So Ashamed To Admit This



I am so ashamed to admit this but I got absolutely no reading done this weekend.  Why you may ask?  Well, because on Saturday we had my son’s third birthday party (meaning it was the third time we celebrated his 13th birthday – friends, actual day, and then family), on Sunday we played Wii Sports Resort all day long, and on Monday we were all sore from playing Wii Sports Resort.  So I got absolutely nothing accomplished worth discussing.

Here’s my planned remedy.  Today in the car rider line of my son’s school instead of taking my typical nap, I will read.  Which means that I should be able to post my response to Book 8 tonight.  This book is taking longer than Great Expectations.  I need to figure out a formula for reading this and getting through them.  I did, however, change the next book to Anne of Green Gables because I need something easier to read after Paradise Lost.  I’ve pretty much fried my brain cells with this one.


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