Quirky Keeps the World Spinning


Nothing says quirky quite like Wednesday Addams. She’s dark, smart, and tragically funny. I just have always identified with her. Is that something I should be concerned with?


The Childlike Empress used to terrify me as a child. She’s supposed to be magical and beautiful but she just creeps me out. I do adore her, however.


There is not a single female character before Hermione Granger that a geek girl had to look up to besides Sarah. Oh this geek girl embraced her inner geek and was just so much a part of my soul.


I loved this movie as a kid. I watched Mother Goose Rock and Rhyme so many times that the movie broke. Little Bo Peep is just this fantastically quirky character who teaches Gordon to embrace life and have a little fun! Besides, who doesn’t love a good tutu on a grown woman?


Oh Lydia Deetz, you are a girl of my own heart. She was goth before it was cool to be goth! I just adore this movie and I think it is because of Lydia!


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