A Policy That Needs Some Changing



On my blog I speak a lot about fantastic books and book related humor, however behind every great book is an amazing writer.  Needless to say, writing is a passion not something you generally make a ton of money at.  Unless your last name happens to be Rowling, that is.  Writers get paid for the books that are purchased and that is especially true for writers of e-books.  So, why would Amazon have a return policy on an e-book?  According to Amazon it is to encourage customer confidence in their corporation.  There is another seedier side to this policy, though, it is that the return policy allows a person enough time to finish the book before returning it.  Now, you have a situation where writers are not getting paid for their work because Amazon is having to give their money back to customers.

You’re probably starting to see the frustration some authors are starting to express with Amazon.  How can you help?  Sign the following petition to help Amazon realize that their policy needs to be changed.  PETITION HERE



  1. As an author I can understand the frustration when you see a book returned. I’ve talked with fellow writers who were concerned people might be taking advantage of the return policy. However, I know from personal experience how easy it easy to accidentally buy a book with Amazon’s one-click purchasing. So, that’s a factor. Also, if someone genuinely hates my book, I’d rather they returned it than leave a negative review.

    Maybe a compromise would be to change the refund window to 24 hours, rather than seven days.

    • Thank you for contributing your voice. Maybe Amazon needs to look at their return policy and their purchasing. It sounds to me that, as an author, you would like to have a window for readers who don’t appreciate your book to be able to return it. I believe something needs to be done.

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