FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

As a parent of a son who has just entered teenagehood this is a concern that I really can understand. I love how this mother handled the situation. I am saving this post and will refer to it when I need to. Kudos to these parents for being involved in their children’s social media lives.



  1. I did not appreciate the tone of the article at all. This is how I responded to the article when I found it posted on Facebook:

    I can appreciate her point, but I do not appreciate her attitude. I would never want to come across like this to my girls. It’s funny that she can’t see the hypocritical point about posting pic of her boys in swimsuits, either. This article rubs me wrong. There is enough shaming of young ladies and how they are “responsible” for sex problems in our culture. While it is very important to teach young ladies about respect: respect of their body, respect of the opposite sex and how they “operate,” the same can be said of young men. They must be taught to never view women as an object for their fantasies, to value and respect the personhood of young ladies, not because of their figure. It goes both ways and this article is unbalanced. My $.02.

    • The boys, while in swim trunks, are not posing in sexually provocative manners. I believe that is the issue she’s attempting to address. I want my son to marry a young woman with respect for herself and strength. I don’t want him to marry someone based on primal urges alone and therefore I abhor the fish face poses most teen girls partake in. I can see your point, of course, but I can definitely see her’s as well.

      • I suspect that the message she is trying to convey will not yield the results she is looking for. It does no good to shame young ladies and correct them in the condescending tone she showed. It didn’t show love and grace. She missed a great opportunity.

      • Is it her opportunity to show love and grace to a child that is not her own? These girls have been raised in a culture that has coddled their every whim. Now, before you get angry just hear me out. All teenagers today have never existed in a world where technology and media has not been a constant presence. They need to write a paper, no more scouring the racks at the library just Google it. No more waiting for a book’s end, just watch the movie. Every single thing they desire is a click away. I have raised a son in the world of technology and while I preach until I am blue in the face about our family values, the truth is, that he is bombarded by images that I cannot control. These girls have been raised to equate sex with success. Look at the images they are shown. Miley Cyrus struts her stuff for the world to see and she’s suddenly everywhere. some of the most successful women today are also on the list of the sexiest women. It’s sickening that brains are not considered sexier than big boobs and perky lips. The list can go on and on and on. Sex equals success. That is not her place to teach those girls that lesson, that is for their parents to do. I believe that this mother was going for shock value more than shame. Where are the mothers of the girls who have been doing this behavior? Where are their talks and checks on their daughters’ social media pages? What I saw was not a mother with the intention of shaming anyone but I saw a mother frustrated by a lack of morals in the girls surrounding her sons. I too find it disconcerting that the young girls my son will someday be dating are going to be dressing the way they do. I am concerned that short shorts, sexy poses, and low cut shirts will sway him into making a foolish decision with his life. That’s what I saw as a mother of a teenage son.

  2. Thank You! Very well said.

  3. Kim

    Just so you know – you cannot steal someone else’s content and call it “reblogging”. I have never heard of theft categorized this way. Please remove and let the original author get the credit she deserves.

    • There is a button on the top of wordpress blogs that are specifically designed for reblogging. It is under the original author’s name and blog. It is actually intended to help drive traffic to her blog post. It’s not theft. I have had several of my postings reblogged and never thought of it as such.

    • Reblogging itsn’t stealing content, it’s a way of sharing content you’ve enjoyed with your own followers and directing traffic to the content author’s website. It’s a feature of WordPress and numerous other blogs. The content author stils gets free credit. It’s basically a quicker, more efficient way of making a post that says “I found this interesting: (link) and here’s why: (comment)”.

      Theft of content would be copying and pasting the blog post without crediting its author or linking back to it.

      • Thank you Alice, that’s exactly what it was. Those are not my children and that is certainly not my content. People just seem so angry online today. Across the board.

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