Let Me Make My Sentiments Known



Today I reblogged a post that I personally found interesting.  Did I do so with the intention of putting everyone in a bad mood?  No, I did not.  My blog is a happy place and I am generally a very happy person.  Let me just venture out on a limb here and make a few points clear.

  1. This is a happy blog.  I post things that I personally find interesting, uplifting, or funny.  I do not do so to infuriate anyone.
  2. There is a wonderful little button on WordPress that allows me, as a blogger, to re-blog someone else’s post.
  3. Those are not my children on that post and her handle is in the upper left hand corner.  It is not my blog, not my wording, and not my sentiments.
  4. When I re-blog or use anyone else’s wording besides my own you will ALWAYS know it.
  5. My intention with this blog is to read my 100 Classics, enjoy some book related humor, share my book related findings, and any news worthy events and history.
  6. This is my own personal journey and I love sharing the experience but I ask you to please attempt to be courteous in your replies to my posts.  I will always be respectful and treat you as the human I know you are, please try to do the same.
  7. People appear to be in nasty moods today across the internet world.  I am just as concerned with world affairs, the state of our government, and the future as a whole but I will not allow it to dictate my moods.

To all my loyal followers, I adore each and every one of you.  Everything I have said above does not apply to any of you.  You have never been anything but encouraging and lovely!


  1. Oh dear! The internet is such a lovely and horrible thing. Don’t let the trolls get to you. They aren’t worth it. Hope your day gets better!

    • Oh I don’t let them get to me. I just had to make that all known. There are those that would argue with God himself. They mean nothing to my life or this blog. Keep being lovely and thank you for taking the time to post a sweet comment!

      • I’ll do my best and you do the same! 🙂

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