Lorry Driver Saves The Day



From Yahoo News:

Eyewitnesses of the Sheppey car crash this morning have described how vehicles ‘ploughed into each other like a concertina’.

A 100-vehicle pile-up on a bridge in heavy fog left at least six people seriously injured and 200 suffering minor wounds in what witnesses described as ‘carnage’.

No one is believed to have died in the crash on the new Sheppey crossing bridge in Kent. It started at around 7.15am and continued for 10 minutes as cars and lorries crashed into each other in visibility that was down to 20 yards.

One witness, who would not be named, told Kent Online: ‘There was debris on our side of the road from the accident, then we saw the first part of the crash – there was cars, lorries, vans, ploughed into each other like a concertina…I’ve never anything like this before in my life.’

Witness Martin Stammers, 45, from Minster, said: ‘It’s horrific. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

‘All you could hear was cars crashing. We got out of our car and it was eerily quiet with visibility down to just 20 yards.

‘Then you would hear the screeching of brakes and then a thud. It was all you could hear for about 10 minutes – crash after crash after crash.

‘The whole top of the bridge is full of mangled cars and lorries. There are cars with their roofs ripped off – one is five feet in the air. There were a lot of people trapped.
We managed to stop safely in time before the accident, but if we’d have been 10 seconds earlier we’d have been involved.’

Mr Stammers said he and his son James then ran to the other side of the carriageway and signalled to people to slow down.

Student Jaime Emmett, 19, was driving through the fog when she became involved in the pile-up.
‘There was a man at the side of the road saying to stop. I stopped in time but a van smashed in to me and I smashed in to the car in front,’ she said.

‘I was lucky I was not injured. It was all quite surreal when it happened.’

Ms Emmett said the fog was so thick that you could only see a few cars in front but added: ‘All I could hear was the cars smashing in front of each other and I could not know how far ahead the accident was.

‘It was so foggy I could literally see two or three cars in front of me – that was it. Then I could literally see smashed cars everywhere and a lorry had smashed in to the central reservation as well.

Saying she was ‘still quite shocked’ as she stood amid the aftermath she noticed that the ambulances were on the scene straight away.

She said: ‘By the time I got out of my car there was already an ambulance there. There was a man being taken off in a stretcher.

‘I could see that everyone was shocked but they were just checking to see that everyone else was OK.

‘It was surreal and it might have been worse but people were going slower because it was quite foggy.’
A lorry driver who saw the start of the accident used his truck to block the entrance to the bridge and stop more cars piling into the crash, a witness said.

A driver involved in the crash, Chris Buckingham, told Sky News: ‘There was somebody, from what I’ve been told by the police there at the scene, who actually witnessed the first part of the accident, a lorry driver.

‘He was going the other way and what he managed to do, which has probably saved lives, is he’s gone down to the end of the carriageway, gone across the roundabout and actually blocked off the road so no more cars could actually enter the dual carriageway before the emergency services got there.

‘Whoever that guy is I’d like to shake his hand because he’s probably saved lives today.’

I would just like to say that it is a miracle that no one was killed in this accident.  However, my real reason for writing this is the fact that it was an unknown lorry driver (that just cracks me up, here in America we call them truck drivers) who actually was a hero here.  I have a soft spot for truck drivers of all kinds, my father has driven truck for over thirty years and my brother has been driving for several as well.  I know what they go through out on the road and how much devastation they are actually witnesses to.  They see accidents and death far too often and when they feel helpless to stop it, it truly does effect them mentally.  My brother almost stopped to help a young girl whose car was broken down on the road.  However, my father’s voice went through his head, “Go up the road, call 911.  Never stop you don’t know who that person is.”  He chose to do just that.  However, by the time the cops arrived it was at a very different scene.  Sometime between my brother seeing the car broken down and the cops arriving (5 minutes tops), the girl was struck by a semi and killed.  Now, my brother had DAYS of depression thinking he could have saved her.  The alternative, though, is that he could have been killed as well.  They face a lot and I know what it took this driver to do what he did.  I would, today, like to tip my hat to the unknown unsung hero of today’s event.  He saved countless lives and that deserves all the praise in the world.




  1. It’s a huge accident, reminiscent of another one back in November last year where fog combined with fireworks to create terribl conditions somewhere in the North of England. It was a bit foggy where I was this morning but I distinctly remember hearing on the travel news at 6:30 as I drove to work that there was “very heavy fog” in Kent and thinking “there’s gonna be an accident or two in that” but I never imagined anything that big would happen.

    Huge kudos to the lorry driver. It’s weather like this that enables big crashes to go on and on when drivers are going too quickly through very low visibility, but this lorry driver did a good thing and yes, probably saved lives.

    One thing I couldn’t help but wondering – the police are saying there were 130 vehicles. I wonder if they’re including the cars on the backs of transporters in that or just the ones that had their engines running at the time of the accident.

    • I would think that it would be just the cars with their engines running but I guess you never know. We had the same thing happen a few years ago here in Florida. We had very bad fog set in at the same time there was a horrible wildfire going on. Tragically there were over 30 deaths in that accident. It was horrible.

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